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Many stories are told about health and fitness. Some are true, but there are also many old-wives' tales which we would like to refute. So watch out all you women and men: we will be presenting new facts and fiction on these pages.

Can you choose where to lose weight (for example tummy or bottom)?
Sadly the answer is no. There are many beauty salons which promise: "Lose weight where you want to", but that's impossible. You can't break down fat with special exercises or trendy "heat wraps". What you can do is reduce your body fat percentage by means of special training and thus lose fat in those places. 

Power training makes women ‘manly’
Power training – done properly - is actually good for everyone and you can soon look more toned. This is because untrained muscles always look 'fat', even though they aren't. They just lack toning. Power training strengthens your muscles with visible results. For women, power training can be very useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it increases the muscle mass, thus boosting hydration. This increases the pressure in the muscle cells and strengthens the muscle tissue. You could compare it to the results of watering a drooping plant. This increase in water retention has most effect in one of the biggest muscles in the human body: the gluteus (buttock muscle)!

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